The Prejaculation Review: Is Prejaculation your Answer to Premature Ejaculation or a Scam?

As promised, I present here another top-notch review, this time of a program promising to reveal the secrets of how to put an end to early ejaculation: The Prejaculation: The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual by Matthew Webley.

prejaculation review

The Prejaculation is one of the bestselling ebooks for overcoming premature ejaculation, and therefore it merits the scrutiny of an unbeatable critic eye.

Of course, you as an avid reader of this blog know by now of my experience as a once premature ejaculator who hauled himself out of the one-minute curse and turned into a long “laster” powerhouse.

I use now that experience as an offline and online sexual adviser to help men smash into pieces the barriers that deny them the fantastic experience of lasting more than 20 minutes in bed…

And having multiple orgasms without ejaculation…

And making her has multiple orgasms too!

My goal is then bring you the most scientifically review of online programs for overcoming premature ejaculation.

Here I take on the Prejaculation…

Let´s not delay the discovery process; The Prejaculation Review is right below…

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The Prejaculation Review

What exactly is The Prejaculation?

The “Prejaculation: The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual” from Matthew Webley provides guys suffering from premature ejaculation with a collection of efficient, effective, all natural methods to overcome premature ejaculation. It lays them all out in a simple to follow, step-by-step way that anybody can follow.

Prejaculation is not only a 160 plus page guide, but it is an online membership site. You get access to everything (Webley’s one-on-one support, product updates, Forum participation) for a one-time fee.

The Prejaculation Itself

Do you want to know what comes inside the Prejaculation?

Wish granted…Prejaculation includes:

  • How to eliminate premature ejaculation
  • How to improve your lovemaking abilities
  • Learn to keep control
  • How to end performance anxiety
  • How to increase your erection strength and duration
  • Gain total control over exactly when you ejaculate
  • Discover the best sex positions for extended love-making
  • Learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation so you can keep going again and again
  • Learn and understand the sexual benefits of natural nutrition and how it can help you in the bedroom
  • Recover quickly after ejaculation or eliminate the need to recover at all
  • Take your self-confidence and confidence in the sack
  • How to last long enough to please her, again and again, every time

Wow, that is a lot of valuable information if only the details are good enough…

Prejaculation takes a very scientific approach to dealing with premature ejaculation. Since premature ejaculation is a psychological and biological condition, this only makes sense. It covers the topic from every angle, offering plenty of thoroughly explained methods and tips. The guide is fully illustrated with pictures and diagrams.

prejaculation review

The Prejaculation Guide kicks off with the techniques and methods that will help you get immediate results.

One technique for example is the PoNR techniques (stands for Point of No Return). This is one I use routinely. It helps you control your arousal level so that you don’t ejaculate immediately.

In other words The Prejaculation’s PoNR is a life changing technique for you. It will make you last 2 or 3 times longer after a week.

The remaining techniques build on PoNR methods, cumulatively. Initial successes with PoNR methods are there to stay, but are not as powerful as the rest. However, those take longer to master.

I guess it’s a clever strategy: First master the easy ones that deliver decent and fast results and just then move on to the most difficult exercises that get you really extraordinary effects, but take longer to show up.

Yes, the best incentive is a fast staggering outcome. Nothing beats that.

Some other methods that are covered in Prejaculation include Kegels exercises to strengthen your PC muscles. This is one of the methods that will allow you to develop some muscular control over premature ejaculation. This can also contribute to increased blood flow to the penis for harder, longer lasting erections.

And of course, you will find plenty of muscle exercises, with great and abundant diagrams to pinpoint easily the muscles that really need to be trained to truly master how to prevent premature ejaculation.

And there are other methods that Prejaculation teaches for controlling your arousal level. There are methods that will help the young and nervous first time lover, to the guy who is dealing with a lot of stress at work. Being able to control your arousal is a very good way to be in control of your ejaculation.

Overall, Prejaculation is one of the best guides available online. It not only teaches you how to control premature ejaculation extremely effectively, it offers plenty of other information as well to have far more enjoyable sex.

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Prejaculation Review: The Bonus

Besides The Prejaculation The Ultimate Orgasm and Ejaculation Control Manual, Matthew Webley has included two superb guides:

Access to, Online Slimming, Toning and Muscle Development Program for men and women.

Orgasmology: Online Better Sex Guide

I have my own workout program so I have not flipped through the Perfect Body Plan yet. To some of you it might be the best bonus ever, since I have heard great things about this fitness program. Not the case for me.

On the other hand, the Orgasmology is quite a revelation. It is about taking your lovemaking skills to a top level. You will learn over 200 Sex Positions, but more importantly it is a whole full program to make your beauty has mind-blowing orgasms…

What others are saying (Prejaculation Reviews from

“Wow, what can I say, this is without a doubt the greatest day of my life. I am so thankful for all the amazing stuff you guys have taught me…”

“…Oh My God! It was like a miracle from heaven. My erection was not only much harder than usual, but I lasted 25 minutes, which embarrassingly enough, is about 10 times longer than normal…”

“…Thanks for info and the new-found confidence! You guys are the greatest.”

Jimmy V.

Atlanta Ga.

“You’re the greatest. My wife thinks I’m a total stud again, which means I’m now getting it about 5 times a week, instead of maybe once…”

“…Just the stars and sparks in her eyes when she looks at me now, is worth 100 times the minimal cost of this super solution you have brought to my life! Thank you so much. I’m now telling every guy I know about this site!

Keep it up! (Ha – Ha!!!)”


Denny M.

Chicago, IL.

Is your money safe with Prejaculation? The Warranty

As with any great product, Prejaculation comes with a 100% 60-day money back guarantee, so no risk bearing for you.

Pros of Prejaculation

  • Prejaculation is one of the most comprehensive, effective and innovative programs online
  • It is a complete and well organized program, not just a bunch of untidy methods,
  • 100% Natural Solution to Premature Ejaculation (no gels, pills, sprays or creams)
  • Great Graphics, make it easy the learning
  • 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Membership with one payment only
  • Discretion Guarantee (bill shows Clickbank as provider)
  • Bonus included are superb complements to a better life

Cons of Prejaculation

  • It takes time to work, definitively more than promised, probably around three months
  • Requires practice and persistence (as anything good in life)
  • Prejaculation is a little bit repetitive sometimes, which actually is good for newbies
  • It does not come with an introduction of the subject of prejaculation

Prejaculation: The Rating

Effectiveness (Does it work?): 9.5/10

Ease of Use: 9.3/10

Quality of Info: 9.8/10

Value For Money: 9.4/10

Overall: 9.5/10

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 The Prejaculation Review: The Conclusion

Prejaculation will teach you how to prevent premature ejaculation once and for all. This is a top-notch program, and you can’t go wrong with it.

However, it is Not the Best.


I think that the Prejaculation lacks a solid introduction to the subject of premature ejaculation and does not go deep enough on the techniques and methods.

So it is harder to reach your goals, and other guides and programs are better…

ejaculation trainerSpecifically, you can get the Ejaculation Trainer and the Ejaculation By Command, which are indeed the best of the best.

So that’s it. If you want the best solutions for how to prevent premature ejaculation, then go ahead and…

Check out the Ejaculation Trainer Program – Click here.

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