Matt Gorden Review: Is this Premature Ejaculation Program the Best?

ejaculation trainerMatt Gorden is the author of the Ejaculation Trainer, a best-seller program for curing premature ejaculation. Of course, your pressing question is: Does this program work?

Well, I wrote an extensive review of this program, you know, things that you would love to know before investing money on curing premature ejaculation:

  • What is it?
  • What are the expected results?
  • How is it going to cure premature ejaculation?
  • Is it permanent?
  • Who is this for?

And probably a dozen more…

Look, I cannot omit the best review of the ejaculation trainer. Read it and all your doubts will evaporate.

But, I also give you extra nuggets here.

Of course, if you want to go ahead and download this program you can click HERE.

What is it?

Gorden says that its program is a solution for men suffering premature ejaculation. If you are reading this, chances are you suffer from this.

In strict sense, PE is a condition in which a man ejaculates before he intended to. So in theory, there is no time limit embedded in the definition. However, you could be safe by saying that ejaculating before five minutes is premature ejaculation.

However, ejaculating after 5 minutes but before satisfying your girl also demands your attention.

What can you expect from the Ejaculation Trainer?

The promise is mouthwatering: Last 2 times longer in a week and basically for as much as you want in a couple of months.

For guys lasting less than 5 minutes right now and facing disappointing faces from girls is like going from hell to heaven.

Is it attainable? Read my conclusions below.

How is it going to do it?

There is a fundamental principle along the program: Get familiar with your body’s responses and learn to control them.

And that is what the ET does.

You will find a comprehensive plan to get full control of your ejaculatory response. There are tons of exercises and workouts brilliantly designed in order for you to learn about your own body’s level of arousal and how to keep that level under strict control.

The exercises will attack every possible front from which ejaculation could be originating. You will find breathing exercises and mental visualization, arousal recognition, pc muscles workouts and how to use it for better results.

You will even use our old masturbation practice to be a powerful and unsuspected exercise toward a longer lasting sex.

The whole program incorporates all those tools and practices in a tidy, logical and scientific plan whose only goal is to train you to last longer.

The beauty of the program is that it is not a temporary solution. You are really managing your body, your arousal, your ejaculation. It is exactly as learning to drive a car. When you drive you have a lot of tools available to maintain your car under complete control. You have the panels, the breaks, the gear, the other pedals, etc.

It is the same here. You want to keep your ejaculation under your full control, and for that you will have many techniques at your disposal. You might need to regulate your breathing, squeeze your pc, or manage your arousal so that you do not ejaculate early.

As I said before, this is not a full review, but only a preview of Matt Gorden’s program. For the best review of the ejaculation trainer click here.

Conclusion: Matt Gorden Review

ejaculation trainerMy experience is completely in line with the training in the Ejaculation Trainer. This program is the best one available today for curing premature ejaculation.

I personally use most of the techniques taught in this guide and I can tell you I used to be a premature ejaculator, but not anymore.

Now I last for as long as I want. I wish I had this guide back in my premature time, but no reasons to cry over the spilled milk.

So, yes, it definitively works.

Probably it won’t be as good as the program promises. I mean 2-3 times longer in a week is probably the result for 1 percent of the clients, not the average outcome.

However, I can firmly state that if you follow this guide you will be a new man in two months. I might say that 15+ minutes is at your hand’s reach.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out and grab this solution, a longer lasting solution.


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