Ejaculation Trainer Review: Is it the Best Premature Ejaculation Guide for You?

ejaculation trainer review

As promised to my scores of subscriber, now in the hundreds, I start out the publication of what you will find the most helpful and unparalleled series of reviews of products promising to cure Premature Ejaculation.

I begin with The Ejaculation Trainer Review . This Guide reveals Matt Gorden Wutzke’s secrets that promises to help you last longer in bed, actually last 2 or 3 times longer in a week and up to one hour in less than 2 months…

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Why Review the Ejaculation Trainer?

There are plenty of scams online promising the instantaneous cure of Premature Ejaculation.

Don’t fall for the first product promising the moon and the stars. It might be a scam. If it is indeed a scam, it will only make lose steam on your decision to finish once and for all with the embarrassment of short lasting in bed.

Instead, choose intelligently, and listen to the experience.

Mine, for example.

I am the guy who used to average an embarrassing minute in bed and that after a torrid battle full of defeats and scarce (but decisive) victories cure himself and now, lasting as long as I want, share my hard-obtained knowledge helping others treat their premature ejaculation condition.

In my work as an offline sex adviser I have come across extreme cases of premature ejaculation. Guys who ejaculate even before penetration, like the dude in the American Pie movie.

And I have witnessed how, after a holistic and comprehensive strategy, these 1-second guys turn into long lasting stallions.

Full-blown successes indeed…But most importantly, these complete transformations usually take place in mere months.

And first results are seen just in days.

Yes, days!!!

So the good news is that your premature ejaculation condition could be history in about 2 months.

But for that you have to pick out the right product to guide you on your recovery.

Is the Ejaculation Trainer the right product for you?

In this review I will unveil the truth about the quality, usefulness, and overall capacity of the ET in terms of treating your premature ejaculation and make you last longer in bed.

What Promises the Program? A Review

The ‘Ejaculation Trainer‘ reveals Matt Gorden’s secrets on how to prevent premature ejaculation and last longer in bed, last in fact 2-3 times longer in less than a week and more than 1 hour in less than 2 months.

ejaculation trainer matt gorden

Wow!, Quite a promise, indeed.

Matt Gorden, its creator, claims to treat premature ejaculation with results seen in just one day!

To be honest, the thought of learning how to prevent premature ejaculation in just 1-2 days actually created some doubts in my mind…

It might be a scam, I thought.

However, my knowledge and real experience curing my premature ejaculation dysfunction taught me that it is indeed possible that some individuals could indeed see such fantastic results.

So, is this Program a Scam or not? Read below…

I needed more information; I really had to buy the program. Especially because, there are revealing statements on Matt Gorden’s website that strongly drew my attention…

First, the knowledge presented on the website is full of proven scientific facts, some of them real breakthroughs, such as the effect of the hormones Dopamine and Serotonin as ejaculation regulators.

In my eyes, scientific breakthroughs increase the credibility of the product and make me believe the author knows what’s he’s talking and teaching about.

Second, my experience was in line with the sneak-peak of what was inside of the ET.

Third, I have never heard of 4 techniques contained in the book, so I saw an opportunity to improve my ejaculatory control.

Finally, I had actually heard splendid compliments of this early ejaculation control system already, and many subscribers have asked me to make a review of it, being as it is one of the most famous PE guides online.

So…I bought the program…and below you can find the most revealing, honest and unbiased review of the Ejaculation Trainer by Matt Gorden.

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The Program itself: The Review Starts Here!

And here I proceed to explain the building blocks of the Program.

The guide comes with the following parts:

  • On Premature Ejaculation
  • Arousal
  • Mental Control
  • Breathing
  • The Perineal Muscles
  • Masturbation
  • Lowering Her Threshold

The Ejaculation Trainer Deploys Basic Education for You to Believe in Yourself

The guide starts with what I consider hands down The Best introductory material on Premature Ejaculation that you will find on any online guide across the web.

premature ejaculation

It explains in layman terms how your body and mind works on the verge of ejaculating and most importantly, it demonstrate scientifically why premature ejaculation can easily be overcome.

So, don’t skip this chapter. It will supercharge your inner self with enough strength to really believe that you can put an end to your premature ejaculation.

Remember, if you don’t believe you can, you won’t. So this is a first step, it is the scientific inspiration you need for the road ahead.

Matt Gorden States that Arousal is the Name of the Game

Matt Gorden states, correctly indeed, that controlling your arousal is simply the most important thing to do to overcome premature ejaculation.

That is nothing new, you might say, and I agree.

What is not new is the whole strategy deployed in the Ejaculation Trainer to make you able to control your arousal and at the same time enjoy sex (actually you will enjoy it even more, for you will be capable of maintaining high levels of arousal without ejaculating).

Imagine yourself minutes and minutes enjoying the sensation of being on the verge of ejaculation…

It is Gods’ way of life.

That is what is taught in the Program, and the exercises for achieving this are nothing but brilliant.

My hat is off to Matt Gorden Wutzke for its superb guide.

The ET Full Blown Strategy takes the Bull by its Horns

stop premature ejaculationThe Ejaculation Trainer’s author, Matt Gorden Wutzke, deploys his full strategy for a complete control of your arousal which is THE KEY for overcoming premature ejaculation.

But, you can say, I know from men-sexhealth.com (your primary source on premature ejaculation and other men sex health issues) that one case of premature ejaculation doesn’t have to resemble another.

Yes, premature ejaculation could originate from excessive stress, low levels of hormone serotonine, weakness of your pc muscles (muscle in charge of ejaculation) or simply lack of arousal control. Each case merits its own solution, the old…

“One size doesn’t fit them all”

So where does the Ejaculation Trainer stand on this?

It excels at this. It provides an outstanding and amazing plan for each and every type of causes of premature ejaculation…

Yes the Program has exercises to control your arousal levels from every angle. Mental Control, Breathing, and of course, PC Muscle strengthening and correct use (you can have strong PC Muscles, but if you don’t know how to use it you are screwed).

Matt Gorden even writes a chapter on how to use masturbation to your advantage, so that you don’t have to practice with a “partner” every day.

The Masturbation Chapter is definitively a masterpiece. This Gorden guy knows his stuff indeed.

See, it’s the tools, how to use each one, and how to use them all in harmony; the whole package!

Unfortunately I can’t divulge very much about the exact nature of the material right here (I asked but was not allowed!)….. However, what I can and will tell you is this: It works!

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The Case Study: My Results

Remember that I told you that I was able to hit the 30 minute mark, so I can tell you I am well versed in how to prevent premature ejaculation. So, I scoured the book and found 4 techniques unknown to me.

I tried one (how to train the head of the penis to handle intense stimulation) and in a week period I managed to get a better control of my arousal level, which in turn is a key part of how to prevent premature ejaculation.

Boy, I’ve fallen in love with the Ejaculation Trainer!

Not bad, I’m sure you’ll agree… especially if you know that most guys don’t even get to the third minute (I was one of them).

What Comes with the System? The Bonuses

Matt Wutzke complements his Program with 2 other products. First, the Emergency Tactics, which is a compilation of 18 techniques that can be put in practice today.

To be honest, I prefer if you really concentrate on the long term program, but if you have to pay attention to a last minute advice, this will be the Emergency Tactics. If there is something that can help you add minutes tonight it is the Emergency Tactics.

But do not despair if you failed. Yes, we all want overnight results but sometimes it is not simply possible. That is why I strongly suggest sticking to the Ejaculation Trainer main program.

Overall, the entire package, comprises:

  • The main Program
  • The Emergency Tactics
  • Secret Weapon Audio
  • Premium Lifetime Updates

Grab your ETrainer for Half the Price!

There is a Fantastic 50% discount; I just hope you can still take advantage of it, since Matt Gorden says it is temporary.

Success Stories

I was able to go from 3-4 minutes to just under an hour on my first attempt

Birmingham, England

I have never lasted so long in my life

Peterborough, Ontario

I have been lasting longer than my girlfriend lately


Your ebooks have changed my life

San Francisco, CA

I am up to 15 minutes

Houston, Texas

Solid Protection for your money (60 days money back guarantee)

Yes. The Ejaculation Trainer Guide is backed by full 60 days money back guarantee from Matt Gorden. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of this system, you will receive your money back.

You got to trust your own product to offer such a guarantee. In my opinion only those persons who are very confident that their product will be genuinely liked by their customers and fit their needs perfectly can offer this kind of full money back guarantee.


  • This is definitively The Best Program Online. You will last at least 20 minutes within 3 months
  • Incredible Life-Saving strategy for training Alone
  • Initial results should be seen within a week
  • Its 3-pronged program (Mental Control, Hormone Regulation, Physical Control) is the most advanced and well organized program online. It attacks every possible cause behind premature ejaculation at once
  • 100% Natural Solution to Premature Ejaculation (no gels, pills, sprays or creams)
  • Matt Gorden is a great writer, you’ll enjoy the reading
  • 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Membership with one payment only
  • Discretion Guarantee (bill shows Clickbank as provider)
  • Bonuses strongly reinforce the learning from the main program
  • Lifetime Updates for Free

It is the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow and effective program in the market. Period.


Of course, not everything is pink. There are a few drawbacks to this system that you need to know about before you buy it! I have listed them below!

  • I think that The ET will certainly teach you how to prevent premature ejaculation, but not in a week. You might see results in a week, but long term (i.e. impressive) results will be there in around 2-3 months.
  • Requires practice and persistence (as anything good in life)
  • The bonuses are not impressive
  • May seem a bit overwhelming at first, but keep on it and it’ll sink in

The Rating

Effectiveness (Does it work?): 10/10 Yes it DOES work!

Ease of Use: 9.9/10

Quality of Info: 9.9/10

Value For Money: 9.9/10

Overall: 9.9/10

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Wrapping up the Ejaculation Trainer Review: The Conclusion

Overall there is no doubt that this Guide by Matt Gorden is one of the most complete systems to help you beat premature ejaculation available today.

ejaculation trainer review

So, if you want to stop your premature ejaculation in the next three months then The Ejaculation Trainer is simply the Best Solution to your problem.

Even I, with all my experience, had something to learn from it.

Call that a Humbling experience!

And You could be a happier, longer lasting Mac in just a week, with really astonishing results in just three months!

So that’s it. If you want the definitively best solution to stop prevent premature ejaculation, the one I personally endorse then go ahead and…

Check out the Ejaculation Trainer – Click here.

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