Ejaculation By Command Review: Is Ejaculation By Command the Best Solution for Premature Ejaculation?

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This post is the most comprehensive and professional review you can find online of a new and exciting product called Ejaculation By Command

The Ejaculation By Command

You might have noticed that this is my first article in a couple of years…No shirking involved guys, actually the opposite is true.

I have been extremely busy, working as an offline sexual advisor and learning and experimenting in other areas of male sex health.

As a consequence you will find that from now on I will write and post a lot more, tackling a more rich variety of topics including of course premature ejaculation.

And let’s start out by reviewing a new guide on premature ejaculation, the Ejaculation By Command by Lloyd Lester.

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A Brief Introduction before the Ejaculation By Command Review

Let me start by telling briefly to those of you who don’t know me that I know firsthand the embarrassing situations of premature ejaculation.

I can tell you, lasting more than 2 minutes for me was like trying not to drop a hard-boiled egg on a spoon while being chase by an angry Rottweiler…I hope you get the picture.

But happily, that’s all in the past.

Keep reading my posts and you will learn of my struggles, my many falls and few (but decisive) victories…big efforts done and now I know inside out the secrets for lasting longer in bed.

Lasting for as long as I want actually…

It is attainable, and doesn’t have to be a tortuous path like the one I treaded.

You want results TODAY, and you can, bear with me and I’ll explain how.

That is precisely one of the goals of this site…help you overcome premature ejaculation efficiently.

The biggest bang for your buck…

Is the Ejaculation By Command a Scam? A Case Study

One of my readers asked for my review of a new product called Ejaculation By Command by Lloyd Lester.

I bought and read the book and the most complete and professional online review of The Ejaculation By Command could be read below.

The Ejaculation By Command is easy to read (I read it 3 times in less than 2 hours) and even easier to follow.

But more importantly, taking into account my own experience overcoming premature ejaculation I must say it delivers. Follow the guide and your early ejaculation will be a laughing matter in about 3 months.

Moreover, I got so much confidence in the product I advised one of my online followers, Jake E. from Missouri (name omitted for personal reasons) to strictly follow the instructions in the Ejaculation By Command guide, prompting him to document his improvements.

“Document my performance David? Don’t you think that’s a tall order? You are not exactly with a stopwatch at hand” he said.

I told him that one way would be taking a glance to his wristwatch or alarm clock or any other type of watch conveniently positioned just before penetration and right after ejaculation, keep the ejaculation length in his head and write it down as soon as possible.

Jake did his best, and the graph below shows the results he got from The Ejaculation By Command:

Ejaculation by command review graph

The graph above says that our friend Jake went from an average 2 minute ejaculation length to 20 minute protracted sexual sessions in only 3 months!

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 He is now more than please, and he is engaged now in other experiments with penis enlargement under my advice. I’ll keep you informed.

Now, with 20 minute under your belt you can star in a porn movie…or, more down to earth, you’ll be your partner’s shining star.

What in the Ejaculation By Command eBook made Jake work out his premature ejaculation problems?

The answer to that question is in my Ejaculation By Command Review. Read carefully and enjoy, I leave no stone unturned.

The Ejaculation By Command Review

The Promise of the Ejaculation By Command

The Ejaculation By Command is a program that promises to overcome your premature ejaculation condition permanently. It goes as far as to claim, in the Ejaculation By Command main page, that within weeks you will be able to last for as long as you want.

ejaculation by command review

This statement could sound as magic to some of you but I have witness such wizardry.

Actually, I am a token of such witchcraft. I am able to last for as long as I want and then some.

In retrospective, my experience has taught me that premature ejaculation is curable, and yes you can see amazing results in just days.

But of course, anybody could say anything to sell a widget on these days. Claiming something doesn’t necessarily mean that it delivers, so I was suspicious…

“Could it be that the Ejaculation By Command is a scam?” I wondered.

Well, there was just one way to find out.

I had to read the whole guide and its bonuses so that I could facilitate thing to my readers, and help them differentiate right from wrong.

Anyway, the Ejaculation By Command comes with a 60 day warranty, I said to myself, so no risk involved…

So I bought the program and the most complete online Review of the Ejaculation By Command follows immediately…

What exactly is The Ejaculation By Command?

The Ejaculation By Command is a very comprehensive book that through useful tips, step by step exercises and methods promises to teach you how to prevent premature ejaculation and how to re-condition your mind and body to last longer in bed.ejaculation by command

Ejaculation By Command is based on the many years of experience that Lloyd Lester, its creator, has and today it’s considered as one of the most popular premature ejaculation cures online. Lloyd Lester is an independent male sexual health researcher and one of the big names for premature ejaculation cures online.

The First Impressions of the Ejaculation By Command

The guide itself presents a very clear strategy that will conduct you toward a life premature ejaculation free.

I will explain the powerful elements that I believe are the core values of the ebook, and without doubts are surefire methods to overcome early ejaculation.

I know that because I use many of them regularly to control my level of arousal and allow me to enjoy long lasting sex.

Ejaculation By Command: The Guide itself

And here I proceed to explain the great elements that make of the Ejaculation By Command an effective solution to a premature ejaculation condition, and, like did to Jake, could help you last longer in bed.

Learn the Basics on Premature Ejaculation

The first part of the Ejaculation By Command guide is where you learn the nuts and bolts of what premature ejaculation is, and, more importantly, what is not.

Yes, there are abundant myths and misconceptions around and you definitely have to be able to tell the myth from the fact.

Precisely, in one astonishing introduction of the mechanics of premature ejaculation Lloyd Lester explains in an engaging, conversational style all the important concepts and process involved.

Debunking typical myths of premature ejaculation is a preparatory step toward a cure and the Ejaculation By Command is great at this. It is definitively a ten out of ten.

So don’t skip this part, it will instill in you the spiritual strength to go ahead with the training.

Recondition your Mind

A substantial number of premature ejaculation cases could put the blame on irregularities of the mind.

Yes, the psyche most of the time play an important role as a culprit of your premature ejaculation condition.

Solution: Mentally prepare yourself to manage your mental arousal levels.

The Ejaculation By Command shines on this. You will find a lot of techniques and exercises to grab your mind by the scruff and make it help you ejaculate on demand. Your mental arousal will be strictly under your control for a better control of your ejaculation.

Inside the Ejaculation By Command I found undisputed methods for controlling your ejaculatory mind. I have been using these for years now, maybe with other names, but the techniques are definitively the same.

The Physical Training

The ejaculation is an act as much as mental as physical. There are many areas of your body involved in the process of pushing out your load and these parts must work effectively.

Alas, sometimes they don’t.

The Ejaculation By Command unleashed one of the best physical routines for strengthening the areas of your body that are responsible for your ejaculation. It’s more than 23 pages of exercises, tactics and techniques for training to know what to squeeze and release when and for how much.

Remember Jake, from the case study?

He mentioned that is still reaping the benefits from the Ejaculation By Command physical training chapter.

This part of the book will super-charge your long term ejaculatory performance just like Jake did.

Positions for Longer Lasting Sex

The Ejaculation By Command clearly presents and explains that friction on your penis during sex is what eventually leads most guys to early ejaculation.

But what if there are some positions that reduce the amount of friction and make you last longer?

The Ejaculation By Command comes with a step-by-step guide on sex positions for longer lasting intercourse.

This no doubt is a strategy to reach immediate positive steps overcoming premature ejaculation. It works overnight, literally!

Try them this very same night, so that you will corroborate that the Ejaculation By Command techniques work and by so you will keep up with the program to the end.

Give her Better Arousal: Redefining Premature Ejaculation

By definition, premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man ejaculates earlier than he or his partner would like him to.

So, if your partner gets the satisfaction she longs for, your premature ejaculation is by definition partially overcome.

That’s why the Ejaculation By Command devotes a good part of the book to the subject of how to unlock the secrets of satisfying your partner in bed.

Make her finish faster and the time gap to close is narrower. The principle here is if you finish after your partner then you are not a premature ejaculator.

This idea and the accompanying training (including the oral sex bonus) is an exceptional point for the Ejaculation By Command.

And you can use it tonight and get instant result!

Ejaculation By Command: What is included (Bonuses)

The Ejaculation By Command program is amp up by the inclusion of complementary products, which for me were the ice on the cake.

The bonuses are definitively amazing. They will knock your socks off…

I particularly enjoyed the Ejaculation By Command audio edition. Actually, I listened to it while on the metro and got some ideas I missed during the initial readings.

Outstanding and Extraordinary are the bonuses on how to make her oral sex and the splendid and clarifying videos on G-spot stimulation and oral sex.

These videos alone will help you out to give her the sex she deserves.

Mastering the G-spot stimulation is not an easy task but the Ejaculation By Command bonus makes it crystal clear.

Overall, the Ejaculation By Command entire package, comprises:

  • The main “Ejaculation By Command” Program
  • Exclusive Companion Audio Edition
  • Emergency Tactics To Last Longer
  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Premium Lifetime Updates
  • Priority 1-on-1 Email Support + Private Members Contents
  • Raunchy Sex Secrets
  • Female Orgasm Secrets
  • Female G-Spot Stimulation & Orgasms
  • How To Blow Her Mind With Sensational Oral Sex
  • Top 10 Sex Positions (Featuring Eva Angelina & Madelyn Marie)

In terms of bonus this is as good as it gets…

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Lloyd Lester is on the mail

This is one thing in which the Ejaculation By Command differentiates from competition. The very same Lloyd Lester promises a 1-on-1 Email support. I tested this offer and the response was fast, accurate, well-though, and effective.

Two thumbs up for this!

Ejaculation By Command offers you a discount…Use it!

There is a Fantastic 50% discount; I just hope you can still grab it, since Lloyd Lester says that it is temporary.

Ejaculation By Command: What others are saying

“I cannot last more than 2-3 minutes before, but now I could easily hit the hour mark….it is just amazing!”

Brad D., Alabama, USA

“I used to climax within a few SECONDS of penetration, but now I am close to outlasting my girl!”

Gary, Miami, FL

“I am SO relieved and happy that my PE problem is finally fixed – I am now lasting an EXTRA 30 minutes longer…”

Matti, Vancouver, Canada

“That special thrusting technique you taught me has helped me a great deal…. just that “trick” alone has boosted my stamina and put a huge smile on my girlfriends face!”

R.T., Australia

“I always lasted no more than a few thrusts during sex. Last night, for the first time I broke the 5 minute barrier, but man, to me that felt like an eternity.”

P. Utrecht, Netherlands

Ejaculation By Command: Does it include a warranty?

The Ejaculation By Command Product is backed by full 60 days money back guarantee from Lloyd Lester and this is a real guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of this system, you will receive your money back.

In my opinion only those persons who are very confident that their product will be genuinely liked by their customers and fit their needs perfectly can offer this kind of full money back guarantee.

Pros of Ejaculation By Command

  • Ejaculation By Command is definitively the best (tied with Ejaculation Trainer) program online, you’ll last at least 20 minutes within 3 months
  • Initial results should be seen within a week
  • It is a complete and well organized program, not just a bunch of untidy methods,
  • 100% Natural Solution to Premature Ejaculation (no gels, pills, sprays or creams)
  • Great Writing, really, really easy to understand
  • 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Membership with one payment only
  • Discretion Guarantee (bill shows Clickbank as seller)
  • Bonus are out of this world, best bonus among Premature Ejaculation Programs
  • Lifetime Updates for Free
  • Outstanding support. You can write in with any questions you have, and Lloyd will respond back fairly quickly.

Cons of Ejaculation By Command

If I tell you that there was nothing wrong with Ejaculation By Command and everything was great i would be lying! There are a few drawbacks to this system that you need to know about before you buy it! I have listed them below!

  • It takes time to work, definitively more than promised, probably around three months
  • Requires practice and persistence (as anything good in life)
  • Ejaculation By Command is a little bit repetitive sometimes, which actually is good for newbies
  • May seem a bit overwhelming at first (so much valuable info, please take your time)
  • The writing style is somewhat lewd (inadequate for some, not for me, but that’s me)
  • It contains some unnecessary information particularly the last part of the program

The Rating of the Ejaculation By Command

Effectiveness (Does it work?): 9.9/10

Ease of Use: 9.9/10

Quality of Info: 10/10

Value For Money: 9.9/10

Overall: 9.9/10

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Ejaculation By Command – The Bottom Line

Overall there is no doubt that Ejaculation By Command by Lloyd Lester is one of the most complete systems to help you beat premature ejaculation available today.

ejaculation by command review

So, if you want to prevent premature ejaculation in the next three months then the Ejaculation By Command is simply the Best Solution to your problem.

Jake E. learned this the easy way. He went from 1 minute joke to a 20 minute show in exactly 3 months. He’s as happy as a pig in sunshine.

And You could too…in three months, with results in a week!

So that’s it. If you want the best solution to stop prevent premature ejaculation, then go ahead and…

Check out the Ejaculation By Command – Click here.

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