The Penis Advantage Review: Is the Penis Advantage a Scam? The Two-Month Experience for 12 Guys

Welcome to the most astonishing sex health information warehouse for men. I bring you in this post the most shocking review of the probably bestseller penis enlargement program online: The Penis Advantage.

Penis Advantage Review

Does Penis Advantage work? Is it a scam?

What results can you expect in two weeks? Two months? Long term?

What is inside the Penis Advantage Program?

All the answers are here in this review, with hard facts, because I count with the results of 12 guys who started out the program and 2 months later came up with their results.

Let´s not hinder the growing process and delve right into the Penis Advantage Review.

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Why Review the Penis Advantage?

First of all, I think that there is too much noise in the penis enlargement industry, regarding what does and doesn’t work (Yes, scams).

And believe me, there are many products and guides which don’t work.

It is not funny to shell out your hard-earned money just to discover your purchase is nothing but a scam. Not to mention the countless days you lost in useless exercises and workouts.

And the existing online reviews of the Penis Advantage? Surely they are what you need to determine the usefulness of the Penis Advantage…right?


Just google Penis Advantage Review and check a few results. You’ll find out that most of these reviews are not helpful at all. They just parrot the information directly from the Penis Advantage site. These reviewers haven’t even bought the membership. They are just talking through their hats.

So, a real, honest, and scientific review is in order here. After you read my Penis Advantage Review, you will have a perfect image of what it is, how it works, if it suits your needs and if it delivers overall.

Is the Penis Advantage a Scam? Let’s use the Power of Networking

I know a great deal about penis enlargement and men sex health in general. My articles and reviews on this website has drawn the attention of hundred of subscribers in search for best answers to penis enlargement or premature ejaculation.

Being the Penis Advantage a bestseller, I thought that many of my readers have got the membership and used their techniques and exercises for penis enlargement. So I send a call for feedback on the Penis Advantage. What have the Penis Advantage done for the length and girth of your penis?

The Power of Social Networking showed its muscles. I got 12 answers. These 12 guys send me a month-by-month results of their penis measurements based on the step-by-step suggestions from the Penis Advantage membership program.

I charted the Penis Advantage average results for these 12 guys below over a 2 month period:

penis advantage review graph

So in essence, these guys gained 2.5 inches in length. It is not the maximum 4 inches promised by the Penis Advantage but definitively these guys got something new to brag about.

I must mention that the biggest winner get to 3.8 inches (pretty close to the 4 inches), while the lowest gain was 1.4 inches.

I could finish the review of the Penis Advantage here, but I would really like to explain why the Penis Advantage worked so wonderfully on these 12 guys.

It is all below in my full-fledged Penis Advantage review.

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What exactly is the Penis Advantage?

penis advantage program

The Penis Advantage Program is a membership only Penis Enlargement Program that will show you how to increase the size (length and girth), shape (curvature) and overall attractiveness and health of your Penis using only your two hands.

Yes, just your two hands. No pills, pumps, weights, or surgery.

How the “Penis Advantage” method works to help you enlarge your penis is through performing a series of specially designed natural exercises, spending just 6 minutes a day everyday (or at least 4 times a week) working on the exercises.

The Promise of the Penis Advantage

The Penis Advantage promises to show you how to increase the size of your Penis by 1-4 inches.

It says you will only need to perform a set of specific workouts and exercises for a 2-month period and a bigger Penis is guaranteed.

Plus more girth, better curvature (no more banana shape) and overall health of your penis.

Changes, they say, are permanent.

According to my subscribers this product is simply spectacular. The average results of 12 of my readers show the superb performance of the Penis Advantage program with gains of 2.5 inches average.

Out of the 12, three have not done the maintenance exercises and amazingly haven’t lost a single inch of Penis length. Results have been permanent for these guys!

And if you see the picture again although the growth has slowdown it has not stopped yet. More inches on their way.

No need to mention I was incredibly drawn to the Penis Advantage program. If it worked so well, I needed to check it out for myself.

And I did. I went to the Penis Advantage Site and bought the program.

It comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so I was risking nothing. And from 12 of my subscriber’s results, I know beforehand it works, so I clicked the button.

And there it was…

And here is the most revealing and comprehensive Penis Advantage Review is next…

Penis Advantage Review First Impressions: Simplicity for Better

The Penis Advantage main section is extremely simplistic. No bells and whistles, no flashing banners, nothing distracting.

Initially I thought it was disappointing, but later I realized the opposite is true. Simplicity is a powerful advantage. You don’t want to lose time in a jungle of links and banners when you have to execute your daily workout, and this interface rocks at this.

The Penis Advantage interface is Zen for your Penis.

The Penis Advantage Sets Solid Foundations for Top-Notch Results

The Penis Advantage works. I bear no doubt in my mind about it. But as usual, bigger comes after discipline.

And one fundamental part of your discipline is the Foundations. The Penis Advantage sets forth an outstanding array of things to do even before the first exercise is executed.

For example, The “Penis Advantage” program starts off by first teaching you how you should correctly measure the size of your penis (make sure you go through this section and measure the length of your penis before you begin any exercises, so that you will be able to monitor the results of using this system as time goes by).

Also, before you commence the various penis enlargement exercises, there are also some safety tips and precautions which you would like to adhere to – So as to prevent any unnecessary injuries. Make sure you go through them as well.

And that’s not all. Foundations also include:

  • Measuring for following up on your techniques
  • Proper warm up/down for maximum results
  • Safety tips for not burning up your bridges
  • Astonishing tips for a perfect execution of exercises
  • Extensive explanation of the mechanics of exercises

Follow the tips in the Penis Advantage Foundations and your path toward Penis Enlargement will be clean and easy to transit through.

After Foundations, you are ready for the real McCoy…The Exercises!

The Exercises of the Penis Advantage

penis enlargementThe Penis Advantage packs up quite an impressive amount of exercises. The level of detail for each exercise is staggering,

One thing we like about this Penis Advantage system is that, some of the workouts are being demonstrated via videos so as to allow one to be able to easily understand and follow through the exercises not only with ease, but also be able to do it correctly and get the best results.

Besides, each technique in the video is demonstrated using a cucumber instead of real penis so that you don’t feel offended or disgusted.

The penis enlargement exercises are broken up into “Intro Workout”, “Beginners Workout”, “Standard Workout” and finally “Advanced Workout”. We recommend that you first start off with the “Intro Workout”, and slowly moving your way up to the “Advanced Workout” so as to allow you to be able to reap maximum benefits that this system will bring for you.

But that’s not all. There are also targeted exercises for special purposes: If you want to change your Penis Curvature or Penis Head Shape, promote foreskin restoration, strengthen your erection, or stop premature ejaculation and impotence, then you are in luck. The Penis Advantage has targeted exercises for each of these areas of concern.

All in all the Penis Advantage is one of the best penis enlargement programs online.

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Penis Advantage: What others are saying (From the Penis Advantage Chat Room)

“As of yesterday I’m happy to say I have an increase in erection size of 12.7 mm. I just wanted to thank you… I’m now only 1″ away from my goal of 7.5″ or 190.5 mm

Thanks Again!

Wayne F.

“I was expecting it to take months before I saw any growth… It’s almost an inch longer when flaccid and I’ve only been on the program 3 weeks! I’ll be able to play sports with it soon! Hehehe :-)

Alan G. England

“One more thing, I have gained at least an inch in flaccid length. Yes in just 2 weeks. Thankyou again.”

Haywood J. USA

“I started this program two weeks ago at 7.5″ long and 5″ around. now at 7.75″ long and a whopping 6.75″ around the girls love it and so do i this program is great!!!”


Penis Advantage: Does it include a warranty?

Yes it does. It comes with a 100% 8-week Money Back Guarantee. That is enough time to see results. This is a real insurance for your money.

Pros of the Penis Advantage

  •  The Penis Advantage works. Your Penis will grow between 1 and 4 inches in a couple of months.
  • There are plenty of testimonials to back their claims.
  • Results typically are seen after 1-2 weeks
  • There is a scientific explanation behind their system.
  • They offer an 8-week money back guarantee.
  • No need to use weights, pills, or surgeries for enhancement.
  • Results are permanent
  • Helps with other problems too (premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction)
  • Helps with overall health of your penis
  • Forum to exchange advices and receive (give) support from (to) other customers
  • Great customer service (24 hours answer back policy)

Cons of the Penis Advantage

  • Results seem to be closer to 1 – 2 inches increase in size, rather than a 4 inch.
  • It demands perseverance and ability to follow the program.
  • Based on experience (no clinical or placebo tests over effectiveness of system)
  • If you have medical problems that cause erectile dysfunction of a smaller penis, other than just small penis, this program will not work or help you in this case.

The Rating of the Penis Advantage

Effectiveness (Does it work?): 9.9/10

Ease of Use: 9.9/10

Quality of Info: 10/10

Value For Money: 9.9/10

Overall: 9.9/10

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The Final Verdict of this Penis Advantage Review

In closing, after taking a look at the Penis Advantage Program for ourselves, as well as taking a close look at the feedback from my subscribers, who on average reported a 2.5 inches in length, we conclude that this system does indeed work to help you add more inches to the penis (length and girth) and get it in better shape.

Penis Advantage Review

So, if you want to enlarge your penis in the next two months then the Penis Advantage is simply the Best Solution available today.

Twelve of my subscribers learned this the easy way. They gained 2.5 inches average in two months.

And You could too…in two months, with results in less than a month!

So that’s it. If you want the best Penis Enlargement Program, then go ahead and…

Check out the Penis Advantage – Click here.

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